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Dr.Pan's current research interest is focused on the controlled growth, properties investigation and device fabrications of novel nanophotonics structures.

Nanostructures growth

Controlled growth of 1D semiconductor nanostructures, including bandgap tunable multi-element alloyed semiconductors, core/shell structures, semiconductor-metal heterostructures and composition graded nanowires, etc.

Novel Properties

Optical transport (waveguiding) properties of semiconductor nanowires using SNOM or con-focus optical system; Detection of micro-PL and investigating the structure related physical properties; Stimulated emission or lasing of low-dimentional semiconductor structures; Ultrafast photoluminescence dynamics of nanostructures, etc.

Devices and systems

Optically or electrically pumped nanowire LED and laser; Wavelength-selected nanoscale waveguides; Nanowire optical diode; Integration of multi-functional nanowires for logic gates and functional optical devices or unites, etc.



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